WeKan ® Open-Source kanban. WeKan ® is registered trademark at Finland. Other countries usually honor trademarks of one country.

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Client: Javascript enabled mobile or desktop webbrowser.

Install your WeKan ® server as an app at Windows desktop, Mobile iOS/Android, etc Mobile apps that use WeKan ® demo server only, and list of compatible webbrowsers If you need real mobile offline, install Server for Android arm64/x64. Note that if you lose your phone, you lose all data it has locally

Download Server: WeKan ® v5.60, Meteor 2.2, Node.js 12.22.3, MongoDB 3.2.x-4.x. Upcoming version upgrades. Upgrading Docker WeKan ®. Enable All Touch Screen Support.

Scaling Snap x64 automatic updates VM +integrated IdM (UCS) Many Snaps on LXC Ubuntu Core Sandstorm x64 Docker x64 Offline Windows LAN Windows Mac Bash/Service x64, RasPi3/4/arm64 64bit, OpenVZ/OVH/Kimsufi s390x ppc64le Cloudron Oracle Identity Cloud Helm Chart for Kubernetes OpenShift FreeBSD SmartOS Qnap NAS Snap Chromebook SAAS Uberspace CentOS 7 and RHEL7 and newer ToroDB PostgreSQL Test Snap on WSL2 Insiders

WeKan ® Screenshot

WeKan ® Screenshot of Dark Mode

Backups of WeKan ® database with mongodump once a day miminum required. Bugs, updates, users deleting list or card, harddrive full, harddrive crash etc can eat your data. There is no undo yet.

Only newest WeKan ® is supported. Please report all new bugs immediately.

WeKan ® on Sandstorm is not affected by any Standalone WeKan ® (Snap/Docker/Source) security issues.

If you use Standalone WeKan ® on public Internet, it's better to get automatic security updates with Snap and restore from backup when needed, than to leave old vulnerable manually updated Docker Wekan running.

With Docker WeKan ® you still need at least daily backups, if some bug causes WeKan ® board to not load.

Screenshot - WeKan ® Import
Screenshot - WeKan ® Admin Panel
Screenshot - WeKan ® in Windows 10